Sensory Teddy
Small Bent
for Children and Seniors

Sensory Teddy
Bette Bent

Bette Bent isn’t just another sloth that looks cute. He’s a unique and soothing companion made of soft material that provides sensory and tactile stimulation. With Bent, you can experience a sense of comfort and calmness that makes you just not want to let go of him again.


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Demens hjælpemidler

Sensitive children 1-3 years old.


Sensitive children over 3 years old.

Weighted vests for children

Weighted sensory teddy bears

Sensory recliner

Demensdukken Lille Lise 2,7 kg.

Demensdukken “Lille Lise” er specialdesignede dukke, der bruges som terapeutiske hjælpemidler til personer med demens


sansemotorisk demens hjælpemiddel

What happens when you hug Bent?

When you give the sloth Bent a hug, among other things, the hormone oxytocin is released, also known as the love hormone. This hormone helps create a sense of security and calmness. Oxytocin has several positive effects, including reducing levels of fear and anxiety and increasing trust in others.

A hug from Bent can thus offer a solid anchor for a person who may be feeling stressed or confused. Since Bent has a lovely soft fur, it also engages the tactile sense, which is responsible for touch and feeling, including the detection of pressure and warmth.

A pleasant stimulation of the tactile sense promotes feelings of calmness, relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and can reduce stress. When the body becomes imbalanced, it can affect the nervous system, which in turn can influence a person’s behavior. Therefore, investing in a hug from Bent can be a enriching experience, as it helps create balance and calmness in an unsettled body.


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