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Healthcare for children and people with dementia.

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For people with demensia

Elderly, but especially people with dementia need to find peace in the body. It can be in many different situations, such as when to sleep or just need a hug.
Oliz develops in collaboration with care centers and other professionals in the field relevant products for the people with body turmoil.Common to our aids products is the weight, whether it is a sloth or a more neutral auxiliary, so the products really help many to find peace.

For sensitive children with special needs.

From the early years, aids products from Oliz have been developed in collaboration with professionals, such as occupational therapists and specialized institutions.

Oliz Aids are also for children who just need to feel themselves in stressful situations or otherwise need to find peace of mind.

This calmness helps with the concentration in e.g. a teaching situation…


Sandvest with weight for children

Belugas Sand-Vests are weight-vests that have been known and appreciated by therapists for years.
They should be seen as an aid in everyday life for people with perceptual disorders.
When using a sandvest in e.g. school or kindergarten whether it is Hugi or vest with buckles, you do not stand out from the crowd and at the same time help children / adolescents to be able to concentrate.




Oliz is Majbritt og Thomas Hillerup, and our mission is that  children should find safety and comfort in our products.  That is why our products are quite heavy because our experience is telling us, that weight helps many children to find calmness and safety in a difficult situation.

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