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The Team

Majbritt hillerup

Majbrit Hillerup
Co-founder /
Creative Designer

Thomas Hillerup
Co-founder / Domestic and international sales

Quality Controller / Guard

About us:

Stifterne af Oliz Koko-Nora

Oliz/Koko-Nora manufactures sensory motor aids developed in collaboration with experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have strong ties to daycare centers, kindergartens, special nurseries, schools, and care centers across the country.

We always strive to maintain a wide range of quality aids and welfare technology solutions, designed to help individuals find calm in sleeping situations, timeouts, or simply reconnect with themselves.

At Oliz/Koko-Nora, our focus is on developing high-quality and easy-to-clean aids that cater to a broad spectrum of people with special needs, ranging from 1 year old to those in nursing homes.

We design our aids not just to be functional but also welcoming in their appearance. Weight and tactile sensations are central in most of our products. Weight, in many cases, has a calming effect on an overloaded nervous and sensory system, and it also stimulates the tactile sense.

Oliz/Koko-Nora offers a wide range of weighted products, including small and large weighted blankets for children, sensory-stimulating thigh pillows with weight and tactile stimulation, weighted reclining chairs, motorized toys, easy-to-clean weighted vests for children and adults, weighted shoes, weighted shoulder pads, and more.

We also develop items beyond weighted sensory aids, such as seat cushions filled with balls that impact the sense of touch and proprioception. These are suitable for highchairs and stools and are exceptionally easy to clean, which is advantageous in mealtime situations.

Two of our new offerings for 2023 are the Recoil weighted vest and Little Lise, a weighted dementia doll. The Recoil vest is designed to provide stimulation, primarily for “slender” children aged 6-14. The Recoil vest is an easy-to-clean elastic vest that provides uniform pressure on the body, a neutral weighted vest without any disruptive closures, and more.

Little Lise, our other major innovation, is a dementia doll with weight. What sets Little Lise apart is her array of engaging activities, including a toothbrush that can be used for mirroring if the individual faces challenges with brushing their teeth. Tactile stimulation is another key feature of Little Lise, evident in details such as her hair, the attached bows that can be tied up, and the intricate details on her dress, making Little Lise much more than an ordinary dementia doll.

All products from Oliz/Koko-Nora undergo testing to ensure they are free from any harmful dyes or substances, ensuring their safety for individual use. Some of our products also carry the CE medical marking, class I.

Oliz/Koko-Nora sells products throughout Denmark and has a network of partners both domestically and internationally, including in Australia, Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Italy.

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