Who is Oliz really?

A little about what Oliz really is?

Oliz produces sensorimotor aids, which have been developed with experienced Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, who have a strong connection to e.g. Nurseries, Kindergartens, Special Kindergartens, schools and care centers throughout the country.

We strive to always have a wide range of quality aids and welfare technology solutions, solutions that help the individual find peace in sleeping situations, timeout or just need to feel themselves.

The focus of Oliz is to develop quality and easy-to-clean aids that cover a wide range of the population with special needs from 1 year. and all the way up to nursing home age.

We design our aids in a way so that they are more than an aid, but must also be accommodating in their expression, while at the same time having a function.

The weight and the tactile is the focal point in most of our aids, where it is the weight that in many cases has a calming effect on an overloaded nerve and sensory system, just as the tactile sense is also stimulated.

Oliz has a wide range of weight products in the form of small and large wall blankets for children, sensory-stimulating thigh pillows with weight and tactile stimuli, easy chair with weight, motor toys, easy-to-clean weight vests for children and adults, weight shoes, shoulder pads with weight etc.

Oliz also develops other than sensory aids with weight, e.g. seat cushions with balls in that go in affect the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense, they are suitable for highchairs and stools just as they are extremely easy to clean, which is an advantage in e.g. eating situations.

Oliz has just developed a rest bag that gives children a sense of demarcation in timeout situations and more new products are added.

All products from Oliz have been tested in relation to any dangerous dyes etc. so they are safe for the individual person to use. Some of the products are also medically CE marked at. IN.

Oliz sells products to all of Denmark and also has a number of partners in Denmark and abroad such as. for example. in Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands.


Majbritt is the super creative part of Oliz when it comes to developing sensorimotor aids for children with special needs and people with dementia.
Majbritt has a degree from the textile industry and has worked as a designer for many years and is used to putting quality and safety in our materials at the top when it comes to the development of quality products.
It is Majbritt who, with her curly and creative mindset, turns an idea into a product.


Like Majbritt, Thomas comes with a background in the textile industry.
Thomas has worked with knitwear in Denmark, Germany and South Africa for a number of years, after which he returned to Denmark. Since then, he has for 8 years worked with website design, print media, movies, online marketing. In 2015, Thomas and Majbritt came to life as self-employed and has since worked with sales of products from Oliz and Koko-Nora to children with special needs and people with dementia.