demens dukke lille lise
demens dukke

The dementia doll Little Lise

Dementia Doll Little Lise is the perfect companion for citizens with dementia who need extra stimulation and activity. She is designed with care and has many fine details that will delight and entertain the citizen.

Activation and Arousal
Little Lise is particularly good at engaging citizens who tend to slump or lose focus. Her presence arouses them to increased arousal and activity. With Little Lise, citizens will experience renewed interest and joy.

Small Details, Big Entertainment
Our dementia doll is equipped with many small details, including a toothbrush that can help the citizen remember important routines like brushing teeth (mirroring). The toothbrush is attached, so it’s always at hand.

Calming Tactile Stimulation
Little Lise has a calming effect thanks to the various materials she is made of. Her zipper, headband, the placement of her ears, and hair material are perfect for tactile stimulation and cuddling, creating a feeling of security.

Weight and Calmness in the Body
When citizens sit with Little Lise, they will feel her pleasant weight, which gives a sense of being with a little person. This weight also helps find calmness in the body and soothes the mind.

Activation with Colors
Red details on Little Lise help activate citizens, as the color red has a special effect on people with dementia. It adds an extra dimension to the interaction with the doll.

Dialogue and Posture
Little Lise’s height is carefully adjusted, so citizens automatically straighten up, improving their posture. This can also lead to increased dialogue and interaction between citizen and doll.

Personalization with Extra Detail
An extra detail can also be added to the small D-ring on the front of the dress if you desire more customization options, but please be aware that it is suitable for this purpose.

Experience the calming and activating effect of Little Lise – our special dementia doll created with love and care to provide a unique experience for citizens with dementia. Buy your Little Lise today and enrich the everyday life of your loved ones.