Bette Bent

Sensory aid Bent Small and Big Bent

Small Bent is not just another cute sloth. He is a unique and calming companion made of soft material that provides sensory and tactile stimulation. With Bent, you can experience a sense of comfort and tranquility that simply won’t let you let go of him. Small Bent is for children from +3 years.

Big Bent is so much more than just a cute and lovable sloth. Our unique and soft tool offers a variety of benefits in addition to its charming appearance. It is suitable for children from 6 years old and older individuals with dementia.

Sensory and Tactile Stimulation
Bent is made of pleasant, soft materials that provide sensory and tactile stimulation. This unique feature makes it hard to let go of him as he imparts a soothing and pleasant sensation.

Weight and Comfort
The special feature of the sloth Big Bent is its weight, which allows for tactile sensitivity that senses pressure and warmth when hugged. This creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility in the body when sitting or lying with Bent.

Relief and User-friendliness
Big Bent serves as a relief for families and institutions working with people of all ages with special needs. The use of Big Bent varies as the needs are different for each person.

sensorisk hjælpemidler Poul
sensorisk hjælpemiddel

Sensorial Weight Blanket Poul

Octopus Poul is the ideal semi-weighted blanket and thigh cushion designed for individuals with special needs who have difficulty finding calmness in their bodies.

Flexibility in use
Poul can be used in many different ways. If someone is very sedentary, Poul is fantastic to have. The weight in Poul is concentrated in the body and arms, providing a pleasant feeling of being embraced around the legs and body.

Calming tactile stimulation
Poul’s ears are designed in a way that provides tactile stimulation for the individual when sitting and kneading the ears. Just like the head itself is wonderfully soft, providing this tactile stimulation is calming and pleasant.

Pressure relief and self-awareness
Poul can also be placed on the person’s abdomen/chest, and the arms can encircle the body, especially at bedtime or in timeout situations. This gentle pressure on the body gives a sense of self-awareness and contributes to a calming effect.

Relaxing effect of pressure stimuli
When the body is exposed to pressure stimuli, oxytocin is released, which has a relaxing effect and creates calmness in an restless body.

Soft and tactily stimulating surface
Poul has a soft and bubbly surface on the arms, like a kind of suction cups, providing tactile stimulation to curious fingers. Perhaps Poul can even help reduce sleepless nights.

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Sensor weight blankets Manta Small and Big Manta.

The Manta Ray Manta Small – the ultimate sensory weight blanket designed specifically for children aged 1 to 3 years who suffer from sleep problems and restlessness. Our Manta offers the perfect solution for those seeking calmness and security in their daily lives.

The Manta Ray Manta Large – the ultimate sensory weight blanket designed specifically for seniors and children with sleep problems and restlessness. Our Manta offers the perfect solution for those seeking calmness and security in their daily lives.

How Manta works:
Manta is designed to soothe and provide a sense of closeness. Our innovative weight blanket is simply placed over the user, and the wings of the Manta envelop the body to create a deep sense of comfort. The soft and luxurious material is pleasant to touch and stimulates the tactile sense for added comfort.

Flexibility in use
Manta is versatile and can be used in various situations. In addition to aiding in falling asleep, the weight blanket is ideal for relieving restlessness in the legs during sitting situations. Rokken Manta Large provides the necessary calmness and comfort to maintain a relaxed and tranquil state.

Sensory Rest Blanket

Sensor weight blankets Pilo Small and Pilo Big

Pilo Small is a fantastic sensory rest blanket, shaped like a little walrus, weighing 1.4 kg and designed for ultimate relaxation. (Suitable for children aged 1-3 years.)

Pilo Big is an excellent sensory weight blanket, weighing a total of 2.7 kg, perfect for children from 6 years old up to adults who need a gentle hug around their body and shoulders.

Uniform Light Pressure
The weight blanket Pilo provides a uniform light pressure on the shoulders and along the sides of the body, creating calm and comfort both during sleep and while sitting.

An Alternative to Big Bent
Pilo Large can be seen as an excellent alternative to Big Bent, as it also provides pressure on the shoulders and body, creating a sense of security and tranquility.

Tactile Stimulation
In addition to the even distribution of weight, Pilo Large also provides tactile stimulation thanks to the luxurious soft material and the protruding teeth that can be touched.

Experience Calmness and Security
Pilo Large is designed to provide a pleasant sense of calmness and security, which can be beneficial for both children and adults.

Experience the calming and reassuring effect of the sensory weight blanket Pilo Large provides.

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vægt tæppe Mortiz

Sensor Weight Blanket with Tactile Stimulation

Sensoric Weight Blanket Morriz is a unique and soothing aid designed to provide sensory and tactile stimulation. Weighing (1,4 kg.), Morriz offers a uniform and gentle pressure on the body, creating a sense of calmness and security.

Flexibility in Use
Morriz can be used in various ways and is highly versatile. It can be used as a blanket over the body or as a lap pad for additional comfort and reassurance.

Calming Tactile Stimulation
The soft and pleasant surface of Morriz provides tactile stimulation, offering a calming and pleasant sensation when touched and hugged.

Relief and Self-awareness
When placed on the body, Morriz’s gentle pressure provides noticeable relief and a sense of self-awareness, contributing to a calming effect.

Experience the soothing and relaxing effects of Morriz – our unique sensory weight blanket designed to promote peace and well-being.