Sensory weighted blanket – Tom

  • This 4 kg heavy weight blanket helps the unease in the child while the tactile needs are still stimulated. The pressure around the chest calms the nervous system, thereby lowering the stress levels and increases body awareness in the child.
  • Lay the ears on each side of the head so that they rest on the child shoulders, and place the wings under the arms of the child so they are completely grounded. The child can place the hands in the front of the pocket or use the three included tangles with different surfaces to stimulate the tactile need. Tangles can vary in appearance and colors.
  • Fur pocket can be zipped off and washed at 40 degrees while the rest of Tom can be washed with water and disinfectant soap / alcohol.
  • If the fur pocket disturbs the child too much, Tom can be turned around where the back side is smooth and have a nice grey color.


The weight blanket has been tested and approved for strength (EN 71-1), flammability (EN 71-2), chemistry (EN 71-3) and is also approved by EN 12182.