The thigh pillow Big Maya stimulates the sensory nervous system, for example the tactile sense and helps the user become more conscious of their own body, thereby calming anxiety and unrest. This assistive aid can particularly be relevant to citizens who have motoric hyperactivity and trouble concentrating.

The pillow weighs 5 kg, it has two pocket openings that you can put your hands into and there is two balls in every pocket opening, that you can nuzzle with your fingers. This way the pillow helps calming restless arms, as you use all your muscles in your hands, when you move the balls and this stimulates the tactile need for movement, hereby strengthening muscles in these areas.

Let the user explore the pockets themselves and let them be surprised over the good effect of the pockets.

The pillow is also useful in eating situations, where the weight helps calm the user down, but in this case flip the pillow around, so the pockets don’t distract the user.

We recommend lifting the pillow with both hands at the end of the pillow and not by the pockets.

We recommend using the pillow under supervision, the fabric isn’t breathable so the pillow must not cover the mouth or nose.

It can be wiped with alcohol and disinfectant soap, and reclean it with pure water on a cloth to keep the fabric last longer.

  • Weighs 5 kg
  • Can be used everywhere ( just not near water, this gives at risk of drowning)
  • Easy to clean
  • Filled with plastic granules
  • Reccomended age +12 år


The thigh pillow has been tested and approved within EN12182.