Sensory stimulation Full Body – Petra


Sensory stimulation Full Body – Petra small

  • Petra is a Giraf that gives children a great sense grounding and helps in stressfull situations.
  • Petra creates a homogeneous pressure on the legs and shoulders simultaneously and this helps children calm down when they are agitated.
  • To use this Petra correctly, you have to first place Petras body on the lap of the child and next wrap the neck of the giraf around the neck of the child.
  • Petra is made of artificial leather (PU) and it can be wiped with water and soap/disinfectant cleaning products.
• Can be used in a sofa, wheelchair and the like (we recommend to use Petra under supervision when the child has motor coordination challenges)
• Easy to clean
• Is suited for children in the 3-5 age range
• Weighs 3 kg
• Contains plastic granules, metal balls and wadding


The weighted blanket has been tested and approved in accordance to strenght (EN 71-1), fire safety (EN 71-2), chemistry (EN 71-3) and is in addition approved within EN12182.
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  • It is made in imitated leather (PU) weigh approx 5 kg.
  • Easy to clean with desinfection soap.
  • Stuffing inside is plastic pellets, metal balls and polyester .
  • Are tested according to EN 71-1, EN  71-2  and EN 71-3  also EN 12182

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 cm
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