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stimuli i leg og timeout situationer

sansestimuli til børn og demens
sansestimuli til børn og demens

dansk design & kvalitet
stimuli i leg og timeout situationer

Sensory Rest Blanket – Pilo Big


Sensory rest blanket – Pilo Big

  • Pilo Big is an all-time sensory resting blanket of a total of 2.7 kg.
  • Pilo is made of a nice soft material, which makes it nice to touch. The rest blanket Pilo gives a light pressure on the shoulder area and on the side of the body, which provides peace and calmness in a sleeping or resting situation.
  • Pilo is also really good in sitting situations where Pilo can be placed on the thighs to gain weight and some tactile stimuli on the legs.
  • Pilo is also really good if the individual needs to get a light hug and get the shoulders down. The weight is on the shoulders and down the side of the person. The delicious soft substance and the tusks provide the tactile stimuli.
  • Pilo also comes in a smaller version, at 1.4 kg.
  • Size: Weight: 2.7 kg. H: 15 cm., L: 70 cm .; W: 51 cm.
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My 7 year old daughter has always had a hard time finding peace and falling asleep when she is put to bed. It could take an hour for her to lie and turn in her bed before falling asleep. She has never bothered to sleep with sleeping animals, but now she has for a while, with great joy, slept with the Walrus Pilo. She gets it wrapped around her so that it “hugs” her when we say goodnight. From day one, the security of Pilo’s hugs gave her peace of mind. She uses the tusks to hold and zero between her fingers, which also makes her relax. So ever since Pilo came into our house, we’ve had a daughter who has fallen asleep quickly. I have promised her that Pilo will stay with us forever, because as she says: “Now I am no longer afraid to go to bed, because now I know that the walrus does so I can lie down to sleep”.

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Weight 2,7 kg
Dimensions 70 × 51 × 15 cm
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