Health care for children – Heavy Shoulder pillow

This shoulder weight pillow helps give the child a nice calm effect and can be compared to a hand on each shoulder.
The actual shoulder weight pillow is very neutral in color and volume, it looks a bit like a collar and can be covered by a scarf. It can provide a sense of security for the child during use.
The shoulder weight pillow can be used in many places where it is needed. It can be in eating situations, at school or at gatherings. The volume of it is not big, it is easy to clean with alcohol and disinfectant soap. A good aid for stressful situations.
The weight of it is 1 kg and 1,5kg.
Please note, that the material is not breathable so the user must not get the shoulder weighted pillow placed over the nose and mouth, as it causes choking hazard.
Is tested according to. EN12182-EN71-2 and EN71-3