Aid For Elderly – Dementia – Big Bent

Big Bent is a heavy, but lovely soft sloth of 4 kg. It can be used for citizens with dementia or with poor sense integration.
How to use Bent! Bent is placed on the lap and then the arms are lifted over the shoulders, so the user feels the pressure on the front of the shoulders that helps stimulate the senses.
One arm has a wide elastic band which should be used always when Bent gives a hug. It is important that the arms lies on top of each other and put one arm under the elastic so the hug will be perfect.
Many users are hugging Bent by themselves, but be aware that each user will react differently. If they dont like to hug him right away then just lay the arms along the side of the user.
Bent has a positive reaction for the dementia because he is not an animal they can relate to he is an unknown animal in their world.  So he should not be fed with any food!
Weight bags are inserted in each arm and stomach. Most of Bent’s body is made of soft fur, while his face, hands and feet are made of linnen.
Bent can be washed in the washing machine in a pillowcase at 40 degrees gentle wash. Follow the washing instructions inside the body.
If Bent changes shape after washing, he can be shaped with your hands again.
Safety: Bent has been thoroughly tested and approved within strength (EN 71-1), fire (EN 71-2), chemistry (EN 71-3).