Sensory stimulating knee pillow Big Albert

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Knee pillow Big Albert is a sensory stimulant aid that allows children to feel their bodies and find peace. Albert works really well in situations where the child is unable to sit with a weight blanket or need to have more focus and concentration. You can also use the knee pad when the child lay in bed, just place Albert over the chest. You need to remove Albert when the child is sleeping.

Albert is made in a nice gray color that does not disturb the child when using it. There are some faint orange stitches on the front that give the knee pad a little personality. If the front of Albert interferes with the child too much, the knee pad can easily be reversed with the single-colored back up.
Does the child have motoric challenges then the child have to be under observation during use.

Since the knee pad is made of imitation leather (PU), it is easy to clean with a wet cloth and disinfectant soap.

  • Weighs 5.5 kg
  • Can be used everywhere
  • Easy to clean
  • Plastic granules

Albert is also available in a small size of 3 kg.


The knee pillow has been tested and approved for strength (EN 71-1), flammability (EN 71-2) and chemistry (EN 71-3) and is also approved by EN1218.



  • It is made in imitated leather (PU) weigh 5,5 kg
  • Easy to clean with desinfection soap.
  • It is tested according to EN12182, and EN 71-1  71-2 71-3

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 94 × 65 × 5 cm
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