• Health care for children - Heavy Shoulder pillow

    This shoulder weight pillow helps give the child a nice calm effect and can be compared to a hand on each shoulder.
    The actual shoulder weight pillow is very neutral in color and volume, it looks a bit like a collar and can be covered by a scarf. It can provide a sense of security for the child during use.
    The shoulder weight pillow can be used in many places where it is needed. It can be in eating situations, at school or at gatherings. The volume of it is not big, it is easy to clean with alcohol and disinfectant soap. A good aid for stressful situations.
    The weight of it is 1 kg and 1,5kg.
    Please note, that the material is not breathable so the user must not get the shoulder weighted pillow placed over the nose and mouth, as it causes choking hazard.
    Is tested according to. EN12182-EN71-2 and EN71-3
  • Sensory stimulant for ease of spasms or restless legs

    Put the dinosaurs on each legs and help ease the spasms or the turmoil. They each weigh approx 1 kg and gives a good heaviness to the legs. They are easy to use since the closures are made of velcro. The dinosaurs can be used on both arms and legs depending on what the child needs. You can use the restless leg Dino in the car, at dinner timer or whenever the child needs it. They are made of clean-friendly materials that can be cleaned with water and soap / disinfection soap.
    • Weighs approx. 1 kg
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to use
    • Suitable for children at 1-5 years or by users size
    You can get Restless Legs Bonnie if the child does not like Dino.


    The Restless Legs Dino has been tested and approved for strength (EN 71-1), flammability (EN 71-2), chemistry (EN 71-3) and is also approved by EN 12182.
  • sensory integration aid Bette Bentsensory integration aid Bette Bent

    Avoid meltdowns by poor sensoric integration

    Bette Bent is a heavy sloth at 3.2 kg, which can be used for children with poor sensoric integration. Bette Bent is actually good  for every child who needs a break. You use Bent by placing him on the lap of the child and then place the arms over the child's shoulders, so there is pressure at front of the child and on the shoulders. One arm has a wide elastic bracelet so Bents arms can be put together and it helps Bent to hold the child. When the child dont need the hug from Bent anylonger they can easily put Bent away again. Many children likes hugging Bent, but be aware that each child will react differently. It will give the child extra peace of mind if you are sitting with them while using Bette Bent There are weight bags in each arm that easily can be removed. Most of Bent's body is made of fur while his face, hands and feet are made of linnen. Bent can be washed in the washing machine in a pillow case at 40 degrees gentle wash. However, the bags in the arms must be removed before washing as there is metal inside. It is also possible to get Big Bent who weights 4.2 kg here.
  • The easy chair Mike gives you a great comfort and support the body so you can relax. Mike is good in situations where you need a time out and feel yourself. It is made with imitation leather for easy cleaning. The easy chair will follow the shape of the user when you sit in it. When you are done using the easy chair, then you have to push it a bit so a new user can sit in it and feel the surrounding of the chair on their body.
    • Use with Big Flora
    • Easy to clean
    • Use it for quietly play and cozy reading time


    The knee pillow has been tested and approved for strength (EN 71-1), flammability (EN 71-2) and chemistry (EN 71-3).