• dialogisk læsning

    Dialogic reading with Gilli and his secret

    Gilli has experienced something which is really hard to tell. This story helps children to understand that it is important to tell a secret to an adult. Pay attention! The story might open up for childrens own experiences with abuse. If this is the case then you should contact the appropriate professionals in the area in which the case is concerned. The story of Gilli is made in cooperation with experienced leader within this area. Along with Gilli comes a blanket where it can hide under, and the book gives opportunity for dialogic reading about the subject secrets. Let the child sit with Gilli on the lap, the weight of the animal will give ease and comfort to the child. Are testet according to EN 71-1, EN 71-2 and EN 71-3
  • Zigge Hik is a motoric sensory stimulation animal with weight. He is ideal for children who needs to feel themselves and gives calmness during play.
    There is a book along with Zigge Hik which are about how to pronounce certain words. The book are made in cooperation with a speak/hearing teacher.
    In the book there are questions that can light up for children how difficult language can be. This gives the adults opportunity to create dialog with the children on sounds that can be hard to say for some children.
    Ask the questions given on the pages and discover how fantastic the dialog can be.
    Let the child have Zigge Hik on the lap, and let the child feel the weight in a way so it will not be exposed with the challenges the child might have.
    Are tested according to EN 71-1  71-2  71-3
  • Sale!
    Sensory-Motor skill stimulation
    Carl is a little tree frog who travels out in the world to find his mother. On his way out he meets a lot of animals who needs help.
    Carl has a story containing 6 chapters, which is more as a story for the bigger children age around 5-6 years old. The journeys are made with humor and give also the adult an opportunity to talk about friendships and how you could help others in need.
    Carl is really nice to touch since he is made in velvet. He is good for the children who feel a satisfaction in touching something soft.
    He is ideel for children who need weight to ease their stress and have focus on their own body. Put him on the lap of the child and the weight will give calmness to the child during reading.
    Are tested according to EN 71-1  71-2  71-3
  • Dialogic reading with Oyla

    Oyla is an imaginary animal which can be used for dialogic reading and play for motoric skills.
    She is ideal for children, who need to feel themselves and find calmness, because she weight 2,5 kg.
    Oyla have her own bed linnen so she can be put to bed on the floor, where it can be a challenge to pick her up again, since she is heavy.
    Along with Oyla there is a book. The book gives opportunity for dialogic reading about the subject exaggeration. What is a lie and what is fantasy? Oyla have a lot of trouble in this area.
    Let the child sit with Oyla on the lap, and let the child feel the weight of Oyla, in this way the child will not be exposed with their challenges.
    Are tested according to EN 71-1, EN 71-2 and EN  71-3