Sensory stimulation knee pillow Sara


Sara gives a sense-stimulation, when she is put over the thighs. She is good in situations where you need focus and concentration, could be in school time or gatherings in kindergarten.
Sara is ideal in times when children need to feel themselves and find calmness.
Sara can also be used for children who is in a wheelchair, who needs weight for their legs because of unease.
Weight is 2,3 kg, she is very cleanable with disinficiant soap we recommend  use of Sara for children from 1-12 year.
Let the child sit with Sara on the lap, or lay down on a bed with Sara across the chest. Let them feel the weight in a way so they are relaxed during the use of Sara.
Are tested according to EN 71-1 71-2 71-3


  • It is made of imitation leather (PU).
  • Weight is 2300 gr
  • It can be cleaned by disinfection soap
  • Filled with  plastic pellets and metal balls.
  • Are tested according to EN 71-1 71-2 71-3


Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 27 x 17 x 4 cm