Sensory stimulation weight bunnies for legs – Bonnie


Bonnie is an animal for sensory stimulation of spasms in legs or arms. You can also use them if there are troubled movements for the child.
They can be tightend up by the use of the velcro on the straps. You can use the X way were you take the back leg and put on top of front leg or you can use front leg to front leg and back leg to back leg, it is all depending of how big the legs/ arms are.
Weight is 1 kg per bunny, and easy to clean. We recommend to use them for children/ young/ adults from the age 5-99 years.
Often the child/ young/ adult finds out what is best for them during the use, so all you have to do is support them in the use of then bunnies.
Are tested according to EN 71-1 71-2 71-3
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  • They are made in imitated leather ( PU) weigh 1 kg each.
  • Useable for age 5-99 years old.
  • Easy to clean with desinfection soap.
  • Are tested according to EN 71-1 71-2 71-3

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 x 13 cm