We develop products for our customers and customize products according to customers’ wishes and needs. It is therefore important to us that we get your feedback so we can continually optimize our products, thereby maintaining high customer satisfaction. Below you can see some of the testomonials we received.

We have this image of a boy with one of the weight vests that looks like a cow. He is a little guy who’s always full throttle and always up and running. He has been very attentive and interested in “the cow”.
He’s wearing the vest about 20 minutes at a time. And its been really good for him. We have seen that he has sat down on the bed, with “the cow” on, taking it easy. It’s not something he usually does.
He has also been running around the room with it. Making a routine around using “the cow” has worked wonderfully.

We have another child who’s using another type of  vest at school, we think that he could benefit from a vest such as yours.

In one of the other groups, another kid has been using the vest about 30 minutes at a time multiple times during the week. We know from experience that he needs to try new things many times, in order to become really comfortable with them. He’s a boy who has a hard time calming down and finding peace. Now he uses it in between a big teddy bear to snuggle in, we’re certain that the weight “cow” is just the thing that can keep him calm and peaceful..

It’s great that there is such an emphasis on safety and hygiene, cleaning the “cow” can be done with ordinary soap and disinfectant soap, it means a lot in everyday life that there is thought of everything.

Agerbo, Herning

Hello Oliz,
We’ve now unpacked all of the animals and what a joy they have created. They are almost fighting for them and it was a pleasure to see students’ faces when they saw the animals for the first time, and the adults as well :-). They have caused great happiness – they have been cuddled, kissed and hugged and especially the ears of animals are frequently nudged and prodded. It’s especially when the students needs a break that the animals are being used. The animals are all in our new Snoezel room which is usually filled with students. The animals give peace, joy and space for relaxation for the children. I love your animals and actually have a colleague who thinks I’m a little crazy ? but you have set aside the first animal to me, if you one day want to make an elephant in the shape of the calf Konrad.

Mette Rasmussen, Rosenvængets school 

“Hey Oliz,

We think the animals are pleasing to the eye and exciting to look at. The children are really happy to sit in them. It is great that there can sit more than one in them.”’

Jette Bentsen, Kindergarden Regnbuen

“Hello Oliz, Today we discussed and came to a consensus that this product is something that has been sorely missing. It is often that we refer to ‘cuddle objects’ when faced with children who have difficulties keeping quiet, but they’re mostly objects that do not motivate the children. We have seen a clear motivation from the kids, after we’ve tried your animals and they see them as their little friends. The animals’ appearance mean that kids get ownership of them and they want to sit with them. We find even a ‘battle’ to be allowed to sit with an animal. We have seen that the children use the animals differently, some use them orally, where they chew on the animal, which they amazingly enough can cope with, and they are very hygienic  since they can be machine washed at 60 degrees. Other children use them to cuddle with the face or around the body, and here we see especially the conversation with them, the conversation is very focused on the eyes, they feel that they have contact with the animal, just through the animal’s large, appealing eyes. The Duck has become good friends with a child who couldn’t use the bean bag animals properly. The Duck is petted and here it is especially the eyes are being fidgeted with and nudged while the material is massaged and studied. Last we see the kids are happy the animals ‘Flapper’.”
Maria – Herningholm school

We have now bought two junior easy chairs, 4 mini animals 6pcs. cuddle animals, 2 Oyla teddy bears and associated bedding. Also the little Tree Frog and the book we bought.

We experience great joy from the children regarding the animals – small and large. The large easy chairs are used as “reading corner” and cozy corner. There will often be a small group of 3-4 that are reading and chatting.
They also talk with the animals and get a sense of belonging with them. The smaller animals are being played with freely and are also used together with the big ones. Especially the children who heave trouble staying still are having a good time with them. Cuddle animals also provides a calming effect on their fingers. Oyla bears are babied and cared for as if they were living babies – since they also have a good size to them.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the animals and our investment in Oliz and their stories…..

”Henny Nørgaard Mikkelsen Leader of Mariehønen, SFO and the day care.