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Sensory Teddy Small Bent and Big Bent

Small Bent is not just another cute sloth. He is a unique and calming companion made of soft material that provides sensory and tactile stimulation. With Bent, you can experience a sense of comfort and peace that makes you just not want to let go of him again.

Big Bent is so much more than just a cute and lovely sloth. Our unique and soft aid offers a wide range of benefits beyond its charming appearance.

Sensorial and Tactile Stimulation
Bent is made of pleasant soft materials that provide sensorial and tactile stimulation. This unique feature makes it hard to let go of him, as he provides a soothing and enjoyable sensation.

Weight and Comfort
The special aspect of the sloth Store Bent is its weight, which allows for a sense of touch and warmth when he gives a hug. This creates a feeling of comfort and calmness in the body when sitting or lying with Bent.

Relief and User-Friendliness
Store Bent serves as a relief for families and institutions working with people of all ages with special needs. The use of Store Bent varies as the needs differ for each individual.

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Sensory Weighted Blanket Poul

Octopus Poul is the ideal semi-weighted blanket and lap pad designed for individuals with special needs who struggle to find calmness in the body.

Versatility in Use
Poul can be used in many different ways. If one is very sedentary, Poul is fantastic to have. The weight in Poul is concentrated in the body and arms, providing a pleasant feeling of being embraced around the legs and body.

Soothing Tactile Stimulation
Poul’s ears are designed in a way that provides tactile stimulation for the individual when sitting and fiddling with the ears. Just like the head itself, they are soft, offering this tactile stimulation that is calming and enjoyable.

Pressure Relief and Self-Awareness
Poul can also be placed on the person’s stomach/chest, and the arms can envelop the body, especially at bedtime or during timeout situations. This gentle pressure on the body provides a sense of self-awareness and contributes to a calming effect.

vægttæppe til ældre
vægttæppe til ældre

Weighted Blanket Manta Large

The Manta Ray Manta Large – the ultimate sensory weighted blanket designed for the elderly and children from the age of +6 years with sleep difficulties and restlessness. Our Manta offers the perfect solution for those seeking tranquility and security in their daily lives.

How Manta Works
Manta is created to soothe and provide a sense of closeness. Our innovative weighted blanket is simply laid over the individual, and the wings of Manta envelop the body to create a deep feeling of security. The soft and luxurious material is pleasant to touch and stimulates the tactile sense for extra comfort.

Versatility in Use
Manta is versatile and can be used in different situations. Besides aiding with falling asleep, the weighted blanket is ideal for relieving restlessness in the legs during sitting situations. Manta Large provides the necessary calmness and comfort to maintain a relaxed and peaceful state.

Sensory Rest Blanket
Sensory Rest Blanket

Sensor Weighted Blankets Pilo Small and Large

Pilo Large is a timeless sensory weighted blanket, weighing a total of 2.7 kg, and is perfect for children from 6 years old up to adults who need a gentle hug around the body and shoulders.

Even, Gentle Pressure
The Pilo weighted blanket provides even, gentle pressure on the shoulders and along the body’s side, creating calmness and security both during sleep and while sitting.

An Alternative to Store Bent
Pilo Large can be seen as an excellent alternative to Store Bent, as it also provides pressure on the shoulders and body, creating a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Tactile Stimulation
In addition to the well-distributed weight, Pilo Large also offers tactile stimulation thanks to its luxurious soft material and the protruding teeth that can be fiddled with.

Sensorisches Gewichtstuch
Sensorisches Gewichtstuch

Sensory Weighted Blanket Kokos Large

Kokos is a delightful and sensory llama with calming weight, providing tranquility and well-being for children from 3 years old and individuals experiencing restlessness.

Soft Fur and Calming Weight
Llama Kokos is made of a soft and luxurious fur and has weight in the neck and body, providing calming stimuli to the individual who needs to feel grounded and find peace.

Versatile Usage Options
Kokos can be placed on the individual’s stomach and have the neck go up over the shoulders, providing a lovely soft and comfortable sensation with the weighted blanket’s calming weight. The possibilities for use are many and can be tailored to individual needs.

Convenient Washing Option
Kokos can be easily washed by removing all the contents inside the body, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience.