The ideas behind our products is that they should help children and young people find peace and security in everyday life.
We do this by working with the weight of our products, as many children need to feel the weight of themselves.

Our products are not just toys, but also a tool!

We have stories for oyla, Zigge Hik and Gilli, where each story deals with a subject which is useful in the childs everyday life.

Oliz makes quality toys/aids with weight that cater to play among children. But also toys that fill a need!

Development of new products in collaboration with industry experts and advice from the institutions, so everything we do is to cover the needs that exist outside the institutions.

Oliz består af

Majbritt Hillerup
Konstruktør og kreativ wizzard
Thomas Hillerup
Sælger, Online Markedsførring og Web Master

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Contact us at or by phone 60 38 37 00 to hear more about our products.

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Bornholmsvej 10, 7400 Herning, Port 3.