With the adventure package you may want to buy Oyla, Carl and Zikke Hik and all of their stories.
Carl, Oyla and Zigge Hik are all three animals with weight, where the weight of the three is to help the restless children to find calm and peace.
They all weigh  – around. 2.8 kg. But even so you can use them in many different contexts since that there is a story for each of the three animals.
  • The theme of the story about the Tree Frog Carl is to create relationships with each other. (One can be a small tree frog and a large hippo and still be good friends!)
  • The theme around Oyla is about exaggeration.
  • The theme around Zigge Hik is about speech problems.
  • Clothes on animals can vary in appearance.
  • The animals may not be raised ears / hair, as the weight of the animals can cause damage in the seams / fabric.

    These lifting injuries are not covered by the warranty Oliz.